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YKINMKATO - "Your kink is not my kink, and that's okay." If you don't like something, scroll on. Do not argue the morality of a kink, or attack other members for their kinks.

Play nice. Respect others - Attacks on members based on kink, favourite or unfavorite character, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc, will not be tolerated.

No character or pairing bashing - Do not make prompts with the express purpose of badmouthing a character or pairing you don't like. The same applies to prompts you don't like. See the two rules above.

All comments must be anon - This is an anon kink meme. All prompts and fills must be posted anonymously. You may however crosspost fills to namespace sites (Ao3, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc)



All types of prompts are welcome - Kinky prompts, non-kinky (or "General") prompts, RPF, Crossovers, AUs, prompts inspired by other prompts etc are all allowed.

Prompt format - When prompting, use the subject line for the main idea of your prompt (pairing or characters, keywords, kink, etc).

Warnings are nice, but not mandatory -  A kinkmeme is not a "safe space" from potentially triggering content. Get DW Blocker if there's anything you really don't want to see.

Reposted prompts are allowed - But only once one round has passed (e.g. prompts from post #1 cannot be reposted until post #3). Please include a link to where it has been previously posted.



Do NOT change subject lines - Unless it's to put [FILL] or [MINI-FILL] in the subject line when posting a fill. Indicators like OP or Author!Anon should go in the body of the comment.

Long fills - Can either be posted over multiple comments, or posted on namespace sites and linked back here.

Multiple fills - Are always okay.

Combining multiple prompts for a single fill - Is okay, unless it's something a prompter explicitly states they Do Not Want or it deviates too much from the original prompt. It might be best to ask first, but doing so is not mandatory.

Announce your fills on either the Completed Fills Post or the WIP Post.

If you post on AO3,
you can add your fic to the kinkmeme's collection.

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